Who are we?

We, Max and Bianca, live aboard our sailing yacht Spacegrazer with our three children Beau, Zoë, and Kai.

How did we get here?

We met in 2002 in The Netherlands. In 2007, we moved to Doha, Qatar, to work as expats for a year or two. A year or two turned into almost nine years, and in that time our three kids were born.

During our time in Doha, we thought and talked a lot about what we wanted to do next – What did we really want to do? What we were working so hard for? When the kids came along, we started to dread the idea of staying in the ‘rat race’ until we retired. Although we enjoyed Doha and were grateful for the life we lived there, we knew that we did not want to keep that pace up for years and years. Even though I really enjoyed my job, I felt bad about the fact that I gave my best energy at the office five days a week. When I came home, I just did not have much energy left to spend on Max and the kids.

Max felt the same and we decided to save up to be able to take a break from work together, to spend time as a family. We wanted to spend special time together sooner rather than later, while the kids are still young and actually want to spend lots of time with us!

Max had been dreaming about living on a sail boat and exploring the world. I liked the idea, but was also scared. I enjoy sailing, but don’t have that much experience. What if we end up in a storm? What about bringing the kids along on such a crazy adventure?

Taking the plunge

In 2016 we took our desert babies away from hot Qatar. First we spent a wonderful 3-month break with Max’s family in New Zealand In April 2016, we moved aboard our 52-foot sailing yacht Spacegrazer . She (for boats are girls, in case you didn’t know!) had been waiting for us in Spain, just south of Barcelona.

We spent nearly 6 months in Spain, getting Spacegrazer ready to travel, and getting used to living aboard. In September 2016,we set off toward the Balearics, read our posts for details!