Chilling in Fiskardo


Friends’ reunion

We met up with our friends Dave and Shirley to hang out in Fiskardo together for a couple of days. It is great seeing them again after having all wintered in Sicily. We were also moored in the same marina in Spain, so Greece is the third country we met in!

Pancake Breakfast

Max cooked pancakes for breakfast one morning and the kids managed to eat about 6 or 7 each – we lost count at 5 to be honest. Shirley and Dave were very impressed.

Stressed out in pastel

Fiskardo is a beautiful pastel-coloured little town, with a lovely waterfront and a great bakery. We even managed to find a playground.

Max was away from Spacegrazer quite a bit for four days, doing his PADI diving course. Meanwhile I was in charge of the boat. Every afternoon there would be a frantic hour or two when new boats would come in, displaying various degrees of anchoring skills (or usually, lack thereof…).

So far, two boats next to us dragged anchors, leaning against our boat. Luckily no damage was caused. One boat managed to pick up our anchor while we were not on board and we ended up dragging unto the rocky shore. Luckily Max had spoken to the captain earlier and he called us on the radio so Max could sort things out.

Things like that stress me out, because our boat is our home. It means everything to us right now. Other boaters here are mostly on rented charter boats. If you scratch them a bit it’s usually not a big deal, it’s sort of part of the experience! It’s just a different story for us. I guess I have to get used to this as the Greek waters will only get busier as we get closer to high season…


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  1. Ooh what a cosy little read , I’m tucked up in bed deciding whether it’s time to get up on the second day of winter!
    You all look happy and well, the sunshine is working its magic.
    It looks a very restful little spot, great family “camping” area!

    The children will no doubt become more feral and confident as summer progresses, so excited to be coming to find you on our own little adventure!
    Be happy x

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