Ithaca – Bards and Birthdays


Visiting another beautiful island

We arrived in Ithaca, famed home of Odysseus, two days before Beau’s sixth birthday. The grammar school geek in me was quite excited about being on the island that Homer’s hero was from (although there are convincing theories supporting that Odysseus was not from present-day Ithaca, but one of the neighbouring islands, but that’s not really the topic of this blog is it 🙂 ).

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated Beau’s birthday with presents and his favourite foods. Pancakes for breakfast, birthday cake (chocolate off course) for lunch and pizza for dinner! We all had a lovely day and Beau really enjoyed receiving presents, birthday wishes and Skype calls from friends and family. Thank you everyone for making this a special day!

We will be making our way east towards the Corinth Canal soon. I’m very excited!


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