Vlikho Bay

We are now in Vlikho bay on Lefkada (I thought it was called Lefkas – maybe that’s a Dutch thing). The bay is very large but calm, with lots of anchored boats quietly bobbing along.

More Friends’ Reunions

The minute we arrived we started looking around for the blue hull of our friend Peter’s boat. We met him when we wintered in Sicily. The next day we also saw Anneke and Ton, who also spent the winter in Sicily.

It was great to catch up with familiar faces again. I love this life most of the time, but I really miss having family and close friends nearby. I am lousy at staying in touch with everyone, so people might not know this, but I wish I could share more with my friends and family who are far away. On the upside, most people who live this way go through this, so it is easy to become quick friends with other boaters.


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  1. Wel lieve Bianca, Max en kids wij missen jullie ook vooral bij de jaarlijkse VC dagen maar op deze manier kunnen wij ook een beetje van jullie avonturen mee maken. Volgens mij is dit een manier van leven waar je heel veel van leert dus voor de kids geweldig. Dus geniet vooral van al het moois dat jullie onderweg zien en laat ons maar lekker mee genieten. Veel liefs George en Romana

    1. Bianca Kindler says: Reply

      Bedankt voor de lieve reactie! Zo leuk dat jullie ons hier volgen!

  2. This is a great way of sharing your lives, feel very close when I peek through the lense.
    The fly on the wall is probably grandma!!!!!
    We will book our flights this month and will start counting how many sleeps!
    Enjoy every day as it comes along xx

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