On the way to Corinth Canal – part 2

Our journey towards Corinth continues. We stayed in the bay just outside Galaxidi for a couple of days to relax and celebrate my birthday!

Birthday celebrations

I always miss my family and friends on special occasions, but I have to admit that this year I had so much fun on my birthday it made up for the loss! The children were so excited, and in true Dutch tradition, Max had put up streamers and balloons after I had gone to bed the night before. In the afternoon we met up with our new friends Oli and Senim with their little boy Henry and his grandma Krista (on SV High Flight). The kids had a blast swimming and playing together. We enjoyed meeting and talking to another young family on a similar journey. We are sailing in the same direction as they are so we plan to catch up again soon.

Old stones

Next day we hired a car to go road-tripping dude! We went to the archaeological site at Delphi (you know, of the Oracle of Delphi). Although the kids were not that impressed by it all and did not want to look at each column and pile of stones – Kai summed it up nicely when halfway through he said “Oh, look, another old stone we are not allowed to climb on!” – we still enjoyed it. The landscape is so beautiful which combined with the ancient remains makes it a magical place.

We drove on up the mountain from Delphi, and were amazed to drive through a ski-resort. The mountain was dotted with Swiss-style chalets, and the town we drove through had après-ski places and advertisements for ski equipment rentals. We thought it was hilarious, just because we had no idea that you could ski in Greece.

Thunder and lightning

We drove through a thunderstorm, which flooded the roads and made it an even more exciting drive. We made a quick stop at a beautiful medieval monastery on a steep mountain, but then rushed back to the boat since we wanted to make sure she was alright in the stormy weather. She was fine, but it was hard for us to get back to the boat in our dinghy due to the high waves in the bay. So I stayed ashore with the kids while Max went back to Spacegrazer to check things out. When the coast was clear (pun intended) he came back to pick us up. What an adventure! Here is a video that our friends on High Flight took of the bay when the storm came in:

Strom no. 4 🤘🏼🌊⚓️⛈😱 #noooooooo #boat #Thunderstorm #shakeitoff

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Loose teeth

Beau’s first two baby teeth have started to come loose. He is super-excited to get “grown-up teeth”, and off course for the tooth fairy to come!

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    Just love reading your blog.Keep it coming .love to all.Keep living your dreams xxx

  2. Keep writing ! Love to read of your adventures on the high seas.

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