The Kids This Month – June 2017

Things the kids were into in June 2017

Swimming. I guess that this is going to be a thing each month until winter.

Beau has been obsessed with the Faraway Tree book series by Enid Blyton – a birthday present from Grandma and Granddad from New Zealand. It was a big hit so we finished reading all 3 books to him within a week or two.

Hotwheels – thanks to another successful birthday present, this one from Opa and Oma in The Netherlands!

Writing with whatever they can think of – Scrabble letters, blocks, bits of string. With a little help, Beau builds funny little sentences now.

Funny stuff they said this month


“I’m so pumped up!!”
“Thanks for nothing.”

“Home smelly home!”
At the archaeological site at Delphi “Oh, look, another old stone we are not allowed to climb on!”


“That is my cute little bum!”
Zoë has made her own pirate girl song. The text varies each time, but goes something like this:
I am a pirate girl
But I am a nice pirate
The bad guys chase me
But I just knock them dead
I love money
And my daddy has lots!


2 Replies to “The Kids This Month – June 2017”

  1. Kai’s comment does it for me!!!!!
    I can see Zoe’s dance too, watch out world!
    BEau already thinking outside the square….

  2. Ohhha wat grappig zijn jullie! Alledrie boefjes en die van Zoe is ook een geweldige song.
    Papa pas maar op dit gaat een big spender worden jij hebt toch heel veel haha, Ibiza style xxx

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