The Kids this Month – May 2017

Things the kids were into in May 2017

Swimming. They are in the water all day!

Lego – especially Beau

Home-made play dough. We don’t really like having play dough around as it gets into everything and we worry about it blocking the bilge… which would prevent water from being pumped out of the boat. But we occasionally make a batch of it and they love it. They love hiding small toys in it and ‘surprising’ each other.

Pretend play – they make up scenarios, and play together the three of them more and more.

Beau is really taking off with his reading. He is starting to really enjoy it, which helps!

Eating – especially Kai’s appetite is amazing

Funny stuff they said this month


“Hold on to your helmets!”

“Time for a knuckle sandwich!”


Whenever we are about to go somewhere, or go for a swim, and in an Elmer Fudd voice: “Are you wabbits weady??”

Every day for the past 60 days or so: “How many days until my birthday?”


“Am I really cool?”

“Am I really funny?”

“Are you very proud of me?”

“How many days until we die?” (Not exactly funny, but interesting…)

2 Replies to “The Kids this Month – May 2017”

  1. Hallo Bianca en Max
    Wat leuk dit allemaal en een heerlijk leventje zo.
    De kinderen zien er schattig uit en jullie zullen er van genieten.
    Beau is 6 jaar en dan zijn lessen ook belangrijk, leuk dat je dat zo kan doen.
    Het allerbeste en geniet ervan groetjes van Jef en Mária

  2. So good you are keeping a note of things they say….
    Before long you would forget…
    Love reading about the little /large things occupying their thoughts, which are often so very important for little folk, the days till we die is interesting. Happy not to know!
    Amazes me how individual their experiences and interactions are, who is the deep thinker? Who the comedian, who lives in the moment?

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