Welcoming guests in Kos

Friends reunion

We arrived in Kos a couple of days before Max’s mum and dad were set to fly in from New Zealand. We would use that time to tidy up and clean the boat, sort out cabins, stock up on supplies, etcetera. But first, we wanted to catch up with Jack & Julia and their 3 kids Declan, Ruben and Ivy on SV Vesna. We knew this lovely Australian family from our winter in Sicily, and will see them there again next winter. It was great to see them, compare experiences, drink wine, and an opportunity for the guys to concoct new cocktails…

We did not see much of the island of Kos, since we only stayed in one tranquil and lovely bay, Ormos Kamares. We just weren’t in the mood for busy and touristy – we haven’t done much of that at all this summer actually! The bay was busy with windsurfers, which was really fun to watch.

We were moored up next to a real pirate ship one day, which really excited the kids! They did not dare come with me to take photos though…

Family reunion

Early morning on September 2, Max took a taxi to the airport to pick up his mummy and daddy! Chris and Alan had flown in from New Zealand via Athens. The kids were so excited to see their grandma and granddad! The first hour of being back to together was mostly spent hugging and unwrapping presents.

We stayed in Kos for another day to let our visitors recover from jetlag a bit, then started making our way towards Santorini. The first stop would be the island Astipalia.

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